Strategic Solutions

Variable Data

Welcome to the new era in printing where you can specify names and images based on your target market. Welcome to the wonderful world of Variable Data printing. Variable data printing allows you to swap out names, dates, messages, photos, and more depending on the how much information you want to “vary” in your print run. This type of printing customization not only captures attention from the recipient, but also has a much higher conversion. There is no one else exactly like you on the planet, we are all unique to some degree. The other 315 million+ people in the U.S. are also unique too, so why send the exact same mail piece to every recipient? With Variable data printing, you’re able to match up the offer to your target market allowing you to tailor-make each direct mail piece so that it is just as unique as your market.

Offset Printing

If you need to print a large quantity of postcards, mailers etc., then offset printing is the right option. This is the highest quality printing available and will make your collateral pieces really stand out. We can print on a variety of different paper stocks and coatings.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is for those customers that want to print a lower quantity, while still getting the highest possible quality too. Digital printing can be achieved by giving us access to a file within a flash drive or disk, or uploading directly onto our website with our built-in file uploading feature. For smaller quantities, or custom printing with quick turn-around, Digital Printing is the best option.

Personalized Letters

The best way to get customers to respond to your letters, is to make them personal and customized. Having your own personalized letter will make your marketing stand out from the crowd and get results. Why settle on generating a generic form letter for a mailer, add personalization and customization to your documents for improved return rates.

Envelope Printing

Why send the same old boring envelope? Add some visual flair by letting Bravo Print & Mail print your own personalized envelopes that have your company logo, graphics, or anything else that you can imagine. We could also print mailing information and Intelligent Mail Barcodes.

Inkjet Addressing

Let Bravo Print & Mail use our Inkjet Addressing for your marketing. Addressing can be completed on coated, uncoated and heavy stocks (even aqueous). This type of inkjet addressing will not smear, like most other address printing.

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