Non-profit Specialty

You could say all fundraising is face-to-face. Regardless of the communications channel used, building relationships with donors requires a highly personalized, donor-centric approach.

Even if you are reaching out to millions of people, you still touch them one at a time.

Knowing who your prospective and existing donors are; where, how, and how often they prefer to be contacted; and what makes them give–and continue giving—are the insights Bravo Print & Mail identifies. The methodology that will be provided to each organization: Identify. Target. Contact. Acquire. Engage. Retain.

In today’s highly competitive nonprofit marketplace, developing and executing an integrated, multi-channel fundraising communications plan that combines the right balance of reach and touch have never been more important.

Contact Bravo Print & Mail today to discuss how we can help you effectively communicate face-to-face with all of your prospective and existing donors.