Match Mailing

What is Match Mail?

When your company has multiple pieces in one direct mailing that require personalization, Bravo’s match mailing connects the two pieces together. For example, if your company’s mailing has a letter and an envelope that requires a name on both, it is considered a two-way matching. This would be a simple job if there are only a few pieces, but what happens when there are 3,000 pieces in a single mailing? This would require hours of physical labor by a mail house team who does not have a match mailing system to connect each letter to each envelope. This becomes costly, time-consuming, and leave a large margin for error.

Why Use Match Mail?

With Bravo’s match mailing system, your company can rest assured that the mailing is being matched correctly every time using our advanced machinery. It connects the two pieces together automatically reducing the amount of labor that can reduce your overall costs. If there is any issues between the pieces being matched, it alerts the professional running the machine that there is an error quickly restore the pieces to the correct state. This process is used in conjunction with a mail merge system where your data about each mailing recipient is combined with the mailing pieces to create personalized messages that speak to your audience.

Bravo’s match mailing helps your company produce better results with using a personalized message because it gives the recipients a more familiar sense than generic mailings can create. Not only does this help to drive responses, it can save time and money, too. Get your time sensitive pieces out faster without have to pay extra money for the cost of labor. It will give your company a sense of security that our match mailing system can significantly reduce the risk of error because all pieces are continuously being matched though the machine.

Who Benefits from Match Mail?

Match mailing is beneficial for any company who is looking to increase business through fast, accurate and personalized mail. Let people know that your business is focused on provided more targeted materials to the people who matter most to them, your customers.

  • Why not send a personalized mail piece to your retail customers with something new they might like because they bought something similar?
  • Non-profits can personalize donation information to specific details to increase future donations.
  • Health care companies can make patients feel more at ease with personalized information for particular needs.